16 Temmuz 2012 Pazartesi

City of Secrets v1.0 APK

The first episode is available in the application is free to play the other four, just watch the commercials, install other free applications. We also added the possibility of a traditional purchase of the remaining episodes. 
Select the option most appropriate for you.

Want to know our Crete? If you have already break down the walls of the birds' brains, go under the ground in an adventure game, City of Secrets. The ability of logical thinking and puzzle solving required, turn the brain and show that you can stand head to head with mole underground.

Discover the world revolution, mystery and adventure, find clues and solve puzzles to uncover a sinister plot! The heroic dog Reksio and the mole will not save the city utterly kicked without you.

City of Secrets is a classic adventure game of "Point and Click," presented in a beautiful, hand-drawn graphics, backgrounds and layered three dimensional cast, fully udźwiękowionymi dialogues.

Over a million games sold. Reksio and utterly, after years of adventures in Europe debut on Android. We love to provide entertainment and we are confident that this palindrome aideMMedia you will love.

The game can be more challenging than the exam for college and do not know if you will not need the help of friends, or a small child.

Better than IQ test, check discover this sinister conspiracy against your friends. Good luck!

aideMMedia - funniest palindrome in the world!

Time for a revolution!

Game Language: Polish 

Jasnoć can adjust the device settings if necessary. 
If you tilt the device does not move a wheelchair to sort garbage, check the screen orientation is not locked.
Required Android O/S : 2.2+


Cache file : 290Mb  (Android/obb/)

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