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Full Screen Caller ID v8.2.1 APK

The Full Screen Caller ID is a replacement caller screen for your Android Device.

Using this program you can customize the way your phone notifies you upon incoming & outgoing calls, sms, emails and missed calls.

Basic Features

  • Full screen notification for incoming calls
  • Full screen notification for outgoing calls
  • Full screen notification for missed calls
  • Full screen notification for incoming SMS
  • All buttons and texts are customizable
  • Use pictures from sd card, internal camera or facebook
  • Customize caller design : pick colors, text size of the notifications
  • Text-to-speech : the full screen caller id can read out loud your incoming calls, sms and mails
  • Facebook integration : pick pictures from facebook or link your contacts with your facebook friends to update all profil pictures with one click

Advanced Features:

  • Android integration : share pictures from any Android application to set pictures for your contacts
  • Theme support 
  • Answer by buttons : no more slider to move to pick up the phone
  • Answer by sliding the screen.
  • Landscape support : high resolutions pictures can be set for both portrait and landscape mode. 
  • Backup and restore all settings and pictures.
  • Video caller Id (beta)
  • Block annoying contacts

How to use

  • Please check the youtube video to learn how to use the software. 
  • Full Screen Caller ID will work instantly once installed but you have to assign HD pictures to your contacts to avoid full screen blurry pictures. HD pictures must be assigned from the Full Screen Caller ID menu, not from the stock Android contact application.
What's in this version:Version: (Updated : Jul 11, 2012)
  • ADD : system notification to check FSCI status
  • ADD : FSCI widget to change FSCI status
  • ADD : group menu to assign picture and settings for groups of contacts
  • FIX : FSCI was not receiving intents when user manually closed the app
  • FIX : ability to hide phone and name for contact with specific picture
  • FIX : missed call notification for unknown phone number no long shows as -1
  • FIX : bug when an ignored contact was still blocked by FSCI

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

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